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History philharmonic
Rousse Philharmonic Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra of Ruse was established in 1919 as a successor of the traditions of symphonic work in Rousse after the Liberation. The first concert of "The Rousse City Philharmonic" took place on 2 March 1919. In the first 30 years of its existence, the orchestra underwent many metamorphoses, according to its capacity to fund and participate in various structures like the "Lyra" Company and the "Opera Union." In 1947 the orchestra became nationalised and on 4 January 1948 gave its first concert as the State Philharmonic - Rousse under the baton of Konstantin Iliev.

One of the most memorable events in the history of the orchestra is its collaboration with Dmitry Shostakovich and the author’s premiere of his Second Piano Concerto in 1958.

The orchestra is the initiator and host of the international festival "March Music Days", the festival "Winter Musical Evenings" and "Stage by the River." It is a participant in numerous prestigious national and international festivals.

The orchestra has done a number of international tours, at a high artistic level in Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and others. It possesses recordings in the Golden Fund of the Bulgarian National Radio, Television and Radio Berlin, as well as recordings of LPs and CDs for different companies from Europe and the USA.

After the merger with State Opera - Rousse in 1999, the cast perform their new tasks as an opera and symphony orchestra with their inherent high artistic level and maintain a rich operatic repertoire.

In 2003 the orchestra was awarded the Crystal Lyre for the concert at the opening of the "March Music Days" and the final concert of works by Stravinsky. In 2014, the Rousse Philharmonic repeated its great success, receiving the Crystal Lyre for the first performance in Bulgaria of the mass "The Armed Man" by Karl Jenkins.

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